AIOps = ITOps + AI

We leverage machine learning and AI
to enhance your multi-cloud & data center IT Operations

Success stories

  • #AIOps#Big data centers

    Traffic analysis

    Tool allowed operators to proactively find issues within the network and thus significantly reduced number of critical failures

  • #AIOps#Big data centers

    Risk analysis

    Solution used telemetry data to deliver real-time notifications about upcoming risks which enabled preventive actions and reduced downtime

  • #AIOps#System monitoring

    Anomaly detection

    Our algorithms enabled to identify issues almost immediately and quickly notify your clients about potential problems

  • #AIOps#System monitoring

    Predictive maintenance

    Early detection through combination of monitoring data forecasts and logs resulted in reducing the number of critical failures by 5-30%

  • #AIOps#System monitoring

    Root cause analysis

    Our solution significantly reduced downtime through detecting complex dependencies and shortening time needed for problem investigation

  • #AIOps#Issue management

    Service ticket analysis

    A solution to forecast the volume of service tickets with 70-95% accuracy, additionally generating actionable resource-allocation suggestions

  • #AIOps#Issue management

    Event Consolidation

    Our tool was able to reduce the volume of event stream by 98%

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AIOps Network Traffic Analysis – a business guide

Network Traffic Analysis (NTA) is a key component of modern cybersecurity. With AI-powered solutions, the sheer amounts of data to analyze is an asset to be used, not a challenge to overcome.
How To Rise Above The ITOps Chaos Using AI

How To Rise Above The ITOps Chaos Using AI

Almost all "digital native" business depends on #IT with modern architectures. But, #ITOps teams still seem to be worried about "fast" recovery instead of prevention?

What is AIOps – AI for IT operations explained

Efficient IT Operations is mandatory for all businesses, especially those operating in a hybrid mode – a mix of existing data centers and multi-cloud locations.

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